Gospel Shaped Church is a five-track curriculum from The Gospel Coalition. It is designed to take the whole church family on a journey to discover how the gospel should shape every part of our life and witness.


This curriculum has been built from the five ministry distinctives in The Gospel Coalition foundation documents. Each track is authored by a trusted teacher in The Gospel Coalition network, most of whom are Central Council members. The material has been developed under the oversight of TGC Editorial Director Collin Hansen.

The tracks can be run in any order, but we encourage you to work through all of them, so that the gospel can give shape to every area of life in your church.


Gospel shaped Worship — Jared C. Wilson

What does it mean to worship God? For most people, that will be tied up with the hour we spend on Sunday together. But in the Bible, we discover that it is so much more.

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Gospel shaped Outreach — Erik Raymond

Many Christians are terrified by the very thought of evangelism, and happy to hand over the responsibility to church leaders and specially gifted individuals. In this track, Erik Raymond helps us see how the mission of the church to the world is the calling of each individual member of the church as well.

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Gospel shaped living — Vermon Pierre

How should Christians live? The church should be a distinctive community of God’s people—but how different are we from the rest of the world? This track helps us untangle some of the false ideas and traditions that evangelicals have had in the past, and reveals the more deeply challenging picture that emerges from Scripture.

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Gospel shaped work — Tom Nelson

Too many Christians have learned to seal off their faith from the way they work in their daily occupation. The gospel affects all that we do. This track will help give a vision for a church that equips its people to think out the implications of the gospel for how we do carpentry, plumbing, data entry, home life, art, business, government, journalism, entertainment, scholarship and so on.

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Gospel shaped Mercy — Stephen Um

Christians have rightly been suspicious of churches that give themselves to political and social campaigns—and seem to lose focus on the gospel at the same time. But the gospel tells us that God is concerned for the relief of poverty, hunger and injustice. This track will help churches work out how to fulfill this part of our Christian call.

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